Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to Billy's Revenge, home of the Rowdies

There is a place in the forest, not too far from here, where we have spent many a happy hour.  The roadside inn known as Billy's Revenge is famous for the fine ale and the best bath-houses in the whole country of Waldeyn.  

Leave your cares at the door and come on in and meet the regulars. Listen while handsome Huw the Bard sings an epic tale of the adventures of the Rowdies; or of the invincible Sir Julian Lackland or Golden Beau and Lady Mags. 

Dame Bess will serve you the finest meal you have ever tasted, and you will sleep like a baby knowing that you are protected by the finest mercenaries that ever plied the trade in Waldeyn or the world. 

You will like it in Waldeyn.  We have majik but we don't really trust it, if you know what I mean, so we have the Mother Church take care of training the Majik wielders. That way we don't have to worry about wizards roaming the countryside setting curses on the innocent.  The church provides us with certain amulets that enable us to cast a spell for healing or as a weapon, and though they are somewhat expensive, good amulets are necessary if you do much traveling in Waldeyn.

Majik in Waldeyn

The Sisters of Anan: Priestesses of the One God, gifted with the ability to enable healing.  They are in high demand, being few in number.  Their main training center is the Nunnery at Hyola Springs.  Besides healing, when working with a smith they can endow weapons and armor with healing virtues.  They also make healing amulets and potions that are highly prized and much sought after. They are not sworn to celibacy, but most do not marry.

The Friars of St Aelfrid: Priests of the One God, often (but not always) wielders of various majiks. Their main area of concern is the spiritual wellbeing of the citizens of Waldeyn, and because the majik wielders are not so very common they too are in high demand. Their center of training is the Priory in Castleton, and those with the ability to wield majik are in the service of the king. They create amulets of power, and can endow a dagger or a sword with extra majikal virtues when working with a smith.  Friars with no majik are to be found in every village chapel in Waldeyn. They are not sworn to celibacy but like the Sisters of Anan most do not marry.

Common Spells that can be found in Amulets or Weapons:

Offensive Spells are most useful against elemental creatures such as firedrakes and waterdemons or various types of sprites: Lightning, Fire.  Fire should not be used against firedrakes or firesprites. Lightning is only partially useful against firedrakes, as they are resistant to majik. Waterdemons and watersprites are extremely susceptible to majik.

Healing Spells: Sleep, Ease (pain relief), Heal (heals small wounds and injuries; helps to speed the healing of more serious wounds and injuries.

Healing Potions:  When bespelled to either ease pain or promote healing, common herbal remedies can achieve miraculous results. Apothecaries often take their potions to the local infirmary to have them blessed by a priestess before selling them, as they can charge twice as much for them.

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